Easiest Plaid Knit Shawl Models to Make

Besides plaid knitting ropes, you can also make plaid knitted shawl models with normal ropes, skewer or crochet knitting models. If you’re unsure whether it’s swollen or crochet before you start knitting anything, think about what you’re going to knit first. Skewers; It is more suitable for knitted such as vests, sweaters, sweaters, etc. with thicker ropes. Of course, you can also knit very thin shawls using skewer skewers and mercerized ropes. However, crochet knitting is much thinner than skewer knitting, it is important to remember that. That’s why crochet is used in weaves like the side of a towel, such as a lace. To knit thin knitting with skewers, the thin skewer of the rope needs to be a little thick. Otherwise the knitting will be too tight and hard.

When knitting plaid with skewers, we said that it is necessary to choose a skewer according to the thickness of the rope. If you want to knit a plaid knitted blanket, then your shish and rope should be very thick. We use wooden skewers with the thickest woolly ropes in knitting blankets. If you want to get detailed information on how to knit plaid blankets you can look. In this article we will talk about how to make plaid knitted shawl models.

We can start with the question of how to knit plaid. It is most important to use colors and numbers in the right places when knitting plaid. Because that’s how patterns and textures come out. A chain is knitted the opposite on top after the first row, which continues as a frequent needle, a chain as a frequent needle. The chain is set so that the frequent needles are placed on it and the chain on the frequent needle. Since the plaid mesh rope is also adjusted according to this appearance, squares appear in the model. It’s usually triangular. Starting at the extreme, you can increase a motif in each order. So as you progress, your shawl takes the shape of a triangle. you can start at the top and continue by reducing it. Even if we knit shawls like this, we need to knit plaid knitted vest models differently. knitted in three pieces and combined at the latest. shawls, scarves, berets are usually knitted in one piece. As we have seen in Derya Baykal’s programs, it is possible to make many different models by following the same method. Today’s topic, plaid knitting and shawl making video below you can see, you can examine the details.


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