Easiest Fiber Samples and Constructions

Of the 2018 fiber models, the most colorful and different style fibers stand out. Plastic, harmful, short-life ready-made fibers have already been replaced by mesh lifter is made with both crochet knitting and skewer weave. When we say fiber, we think of crochet fibers. However, it is important to remember that there are fibers woven with skewers.

, because of its shape, it is named after him. These are our most preferred models both when sold ready and knitted in our homes. After this fiber model, which is started in the middle and knitted to the edges or knitted piece by piece and then combined, the most popular model is the grape lift. If you want to know what a grape fiber model is doing, you can look at it.

Here’s a narrative video of cabbage fiber models, one of this year’s most popular fiber models. You can also find examples of 2018 fiber models in our gallery under the vide.


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