Dowry Strawberry Motif Towel Edge Lace Model Recipe

The construction of a towel edge lace with strawberry motif, which you can also use as an end lace. It’s an example you can attach to the edge of whatever you want.

Floral patterns, embroidery patterns, towel edges as well as fruit-patterned edge laces attract attention. One of them is the strawberry lace model. Strawberry lace piques, which are most suited to the edges of towels, can also be used for pillowcases and the edges of bedspreads.

When you make dowry lace models, you need many examples. For those who have difficulty finding these examples, we occasionally make statements here. Crochet laces are more interested. These laces are easy to make. We recommend that you follow our intermediate site to follow the oya models that we have described with their video narrations.

Çilekli Dantel

The description of the strawberry-patterned towel edge is also in the video below. With her easiest expression, Derya madam demonstrated the stages of construction of this motif in fine detail.

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