Don’t touch the eye! Nazar Beaded Towel Edge Lace Models

The edges of the beaded towels will be very good for the edges of the towels. Those who love nazar beads can decorate their towel-edge laces as they please.

The beads of the eye, which are believed to protect people from the eye, are a blue-colored charm that is attached to houses and people’s clothes. Many religious scholars say it is not permissible to hope for the benefit of the nazar bead. However, there are many people in our country who believe that it is not worth the eye to those who use the evil eye bead.

Nazar beads are also used in decorative and decorative items. In handicrafts, beads of the eye are frequently used. The beads used in braids and handicrafts are used for decorative purposes. For the edges of towels, the charm bead lace is made. All towels used in homes can be decorated with the edges of nazar beaded towels. For towel-edge laces, crochet and eye bead laces are made.

If the ladies who are looking for it love the beads and want to use them in their towels, they can do it with crochet. The eye bead shades made using blue yellow and white color oya ropes are sewn on the edges of towels. Of course, they can make eye beads with different colors.

Below, we shared models of eye beaded towels. You can choose a model by examining the models here. If you want to cheer towel models with beads, you can check out the models below. We’ve published some of the best samples we’ve collected. Check out the towel samples we published so you might like it.

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