Donald Trump launches live streaming from Twitch

U.S. President Donald Trump,twitch began to broadcast live. Donald Trump, who we have witnessed as the whole world that he is using social media very actively, apparently shifted his focus from Twitter to Twitch. Because Trump thinks the use of social media is important for the 2020 general election in the United States.

The US President’s first rally in Minneapolis, broadcast on Twitch, was watched instantly by 12,000 people. But there’s a point in it: In his speech, Trump also frequently targeted Jeff Bezos, the owner of Twitch, and The Washington Post,owned by Bezos. Trump argues that Amazon is threatening the employment structure in the United States, and he blames Bezos for that. And it’s ironic that Trump chose to use Twitch when he said that.

Another issue is Trump’s claim in recent months that war games have made children aggressive and insensitive. Now Trump’s campaigns are being broadcast on a platform where these popular games are played live.

Donald Trump, although pro-social media, has a great deal of say that the country’s crises in general are preventing technological developments. Recently, the US Department of Commerce announced that it had blacklisted 28 Chinese companies on the stock market, including artificial intelligence companies, whose valuation exceeded $1 billion. This proves how much the Trump administration values technology.

Finally, Trump was not the first U.S. politician to open the Twitch broadcast, and bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang had been on the platform before that.

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