Domestic mobile game Water Shooty, over 4 million downloads

Water Shooty, a mobile game of the “Hyper Casual” genre developed by tiplay studio under the coaching of Rollic,quickly became a significant success. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Water Shooty has been downloaded 3 times on the iOS platform and 1 million times on the Android platform.

Water Shooty has a very simple gameplay logic and stands out with its colorful structure. Basically a simple shooter, Water Shooty, the goal is to shoot and take cover at the right time with the water pistol in your hand. If you wish, you can download Water Shooty for free here for Android andfor iOS here.

Tiplay studio, the developer of the game, was founded in Denizli in July 2019. Tiplay studio, founded by Ahmet Öney, M.Umut Ermec and Osman Attitude, is currently managed by a team of 13 people.

Tiplay studio, which also received a seed investment last June, is generating revenue from advertising in the games. Tiplay studio, which aims to publish a hit mobile game by the end of 2020, plans to establish a campus in Denizli in the long term and become a global brand that publishes games of different genres and formats.

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