Domestic car TOGG’s vision of intelligent life emerged

Turkey’s domestic car TOGG, developed by “Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group“, was introduced on December 27, 2019, as you may recall.

After the introduction of the local electric car, the design and road map of the highly anticipated vehicle became clear. This initiative, which is behind Anadolu Group, BMC, Kok Group, Turkcell and Zorlu Holding and is formed by a consortium of 5 major companies, continues its preparations for Turkey’s domestic and electric car brand.

Following the presentation, with announcements made on TOGG’s social media account, we began to master more details with the domestic electric car. Recently, after the video that tells the design story of TOGG, the vision of a smart life that TOGG will create has now emerged.

Domestic electric car TOGGwill be a vehicle connected to the internet as shared at the launch. The published video shows the features of the local car TOGG’s wedding anniversary reminder, seeing meetings on your calendar, and activating navigation by understanding your meeting location.

TOGG vehicles will also have voice control features. The video released by TOGG also revealed many features that stood out on the vehicle’s screen. One of the partners of the group is the fizy, which is located under the roof of Turkcell. For example, when you get to your car, you will be able to pick up where you left off when you get to the song you’re listening to at home. In addition, it will be possible to book a parking lot from within the vehicle. Features such as weather, navigation, synchronising the temperature of the house and car temperature will also be available in the vehicle, and all these features are available in the ecraon on the vehicle’s dashboard.

There are also many innovative and exciting features, such as delivering orders from e-commerce sites to the baggage of your vehicle. You can watch this intelligent life vision video prepared by TOGG below and get to know the technologies that will be included in the domestic electric car.


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