Disney’s online TV platform Disney+ is now on the air

It is possible to say that there has been a serious competition in the online TV market recently. Netflix’scurrent market is leading the way, with new players like Apple and Disney, as well as channels like HBO. Although Netflix has a significant global number of users, the new platforms that are being streamed seem to change the balance.

Earlier this year, Apple launched its own online TV platform, Apple TV+, and suddenly created an agenda. Now Disney’s highly anticipated platform Disney+ is now actively available. Walt Disney Co. launched the Disney+ platform in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in an effort to make an almost century-old entertainment giant a leader in the streaming industry.

Disney is entering a market full of major companies, including Netflix, Amazon and Apple. The platform will also have future competitors such as AT&T and Comcast. The world’s largest entertainment company believes it can capture popularity with a product filled with the company’s best movies and TV shows, including star wars, Marvel and Pixar films, as well as a library of nearly 400 children’s films. It is also possible to say that Disney+, priced at $7 a month, is a bet the company can attract 90 million subscribers worldwide in five years.

More than 19 million Verizon customers will receive the service for free in the first year thanks to an agreement with Disney. Meanwhile, Disney fan club members prepaid a three-year subscription for less than $4 a month.

Disney wants to make the product available to as many people as possible. Customers will be able to store their passwords on up to 10 devices per family and watch four movies or series at the same time. It consists of five main divisions named after the company’s main brands, including Marvel and the newly acquired National Geographic channel.

Disney+ shows will air every week in episodes, not just at once, as on Netflix. According to Ricky Strauss, head of product content and marketing at Disney, the programmes will air fridays at 12:00 p.m. in Pacific time.

Subscribers will be able to purchase a package with ad-supported version of Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99. These three services cost $18 a month when purchased individually.

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