Digital view of the fashion world from Gemius

Gemius focused on the textile industry in its weekly newsletter. Gemius’s newsletter using the competitive product Adreal and traffic competition IAB Turkey Internet Measurement Survey focuses on digital competition in the fashion and textile world with graphics in the week of January 13-19.

The first data shared by Gemius in the report shows the brand at the top according to the site visitor traffic. According to the data shared by Gemius, only the brand that users visit the most on the PC platform stands out as LC WAIKIKI. We see Spanish fashion giant Zara coming right behind the LCW.

When we look at the socio-demographic analysis of the top 5 sites with the most visitors in the fashion industry, the majority of visitors are in the EU SES group with a share of 40 percent.

As an age group, the 25-34 age range has the highest representation rate, while 61 percent of visitors are women.

In light of this data, we can portray the digital fashion/textile consumer as a woman between the ages of 25-34 and in the EU SES group.

With the rise of the fast-fashion trend in the fashion industry, both competition and media budgets are growing rapidly. With the increasing effectiveness of Youtubers and influencers in the decision to buy, digital channels began to receive large shares of media budgets.

When we look at digital competition separately, it delivers the most real visitors, the highest-accessible brand on the PC platform LCW, Defacto in the Instagram mobile app, LCW in the Facebook mobile app, and LCW again in the Youtube mobile app that was.

When we look at the impression rates purchased in these 3 apps, which hold a big place in budgets, we see that the purchase is made for Instagram with 46 percent and Facebook platforms with 42 percent.

Unlike many industries, Youtube represents only 12 percent of mobile app impression purchases. At this point, instagram’s highlight may be because of the shopping features that it has added to the platform in recent years, as well as the more visuals are at the forefront.

In addition to this data, brands are offered vehicles for visibility in the bulletin shared by Gemius. Gemius’s adserver, GDE offers visibility metrics for free, while creative options that make a difference contribute to brands’ advertising becoming more attractive to the consumer. In this context, with Multi Rotation Cuboid, you can show your ad to consumers 6 different percentages. Those who want to examine the product can reach the product via

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