Differences in behavior of male and female users in Tinder

David Schmitt, a professor at Brunel University in London, posted a tweet yesterday that cited a study on the behaviour of male and female users at Tinder. Are Men Intimidated by Highly Educated Women shared by Schmitt? (Are highly educated womenafraid of the eyes of the students?) the study focuses on users’appreciation and the relationship of likes to the level of education.

According to the study, male subjects liked 61.9 percent of female profiles, while female subjects liked only 4.5 percent of male profiles. Schmitt said these findings were in tune with trivers’ theory of evolutionary psychology and parental investment in 1972.

Schimitt added another study to his tweet, which he shared with Tinder research, saying the odds were similar. The second study, shared by Schmitt, found that 60 per cent agree to the idea of having sexual intercourse with someone men don’t know, but only 5 per cent of women are positive about the idea. It is quite remarkable that similar rates are encountered on different platforms regarding the choice of partners.

Ghent University researchers Brecht Neyt, Sarah Vandenbulcke and Stijn Baert conducted a study on Tinder to measure the impact of the level of education of individuals in the selection of partners intended. Some of the highlights of the survey, which was conducted by examining data from 3,600 profiles, are as follows:

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