Derya Baikal Knit Beret Production Video Narration

Derya Baykal’s secret of the work in Derya program guest Nimet Güngör’dan ‘Knitting beret making’ example is here.

From now on, we will include the knitting published on Derya Baykal’s secret derya program. The program publishes in detail with the narration of many knits. We decided to upload videos of knitting published in the program to our site as handcrafted hobbies. After that, you can follow our site daily and browse derya Baikal weaves. The skilled ladies who joined the program have all the knitting they’ve done. The narrations of knitting models that you won’t find anywhere else are being broadcast on the secret derya program.

We will now share with you the video of ‘Knitting beret making’ from Nimet Güngör who participated in the program. The video describes in detail how the beret is made.

Categories:   Berets, Knitting Models