DenizBank’s digital wallet fastPay’s design renewed

We have mentioned to you before about denizbank’sdigital wallet, fastPay. FastPay, one of the most widely used digital wallets in our country, has renewed its design. Let’s add that fastPay has gained new features, aiming to provide an easier and faster user experience by changing its design.

Serving as a digital wallet with 2.7 million users and 40,000 member businesses, fastPay has added another payment method to its payment method options. fastPay users will then be able to transfer money to the fastPay balance by installing the debit card in the app and install the transportation card at no cost, pay their bills, send 24/7 and benefit from qr code payment features.

In the new version of fastPay, users will be able to make payments quickly and cost-effectively by loading cash from the ATM, transferring balances from a debit card or identifying your credit card. Let’s also add that fastPay offers benefits that are easily accessible thanks to the app’s new interface.

Fasty, developed by focusing on the ease of use of the revamped digital wallet, is one of the app’s key innovations, where fastPay people can reach what they are looking for in the easiest and fastest way, can help users at every stage and offer appropriate offers.

DenizBank’s innovative moves, which are the primary factor in its positioning in the sector today as an “innovation center“, are also significantly indebted to DenizBank Digital Transformation, CRM and Change Management Group Deputy General Manager Umut Ozdogan, who said that they have inspired the sector for 22 years with this perspective placed at the center of their activities.

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