Day by day, what happened with the Competition Authority in response to Google’s rest

Google,which is one of the first companies that comes to mind when it comes to technology and internet both in our country and abroad, came up with an important news last Sunday. As you know, Google has a large part of both the smartphone and search engine markets.

Google’s strong market in these markets also leads to claims that the company has become a monopoly. Google has been punished not only in our country but also abroad for this issue. In our country, the google-competition competition, which first started in 2015, continued with the investigation opened in 2017.

To remind you, the Competition Authorityfined Google £93 million in September 2018. Last Sunday, the Turkish Competition Authority fined Google for “causing unfair competition”, and we allegedly sent letters to the company’s business partners in Turkey, device manufacturers and GSM operators selling devices, and as of December 12, we had announced that devices with Android operating systems had revoked their Android operating system license.

After the news came out, Google Turkey made an important statement. You can find the description below.

To put it simply, Google made some of the changes the Competition Authority requested last August, but these changes were not enough for the Competition Authority. That’s why the dispute between the two institutions is still ongoing. The main problem here is the statement, “We have informed our business partners thatwe cannot make an agreement on the upcoming Android phone models in Turkeyso that we can work in accordance with the laws in Turkey.”

This sentence means that if we don’t make a deal, future Android phones won’t have Google services in our country. If this happens, it will negatively affect both mobile app developers and the smartphone market in our country. Google services include Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive and many other important services from Google Play, the mobile app store, which is also an email service. Of course, there will be no problem with android smartphones that you are already using, this includes new models that will be available in the future.

Yesterday, we told you that Google, which has signed with Türk Telekom, is preparing to bringits servers to Turkey. Although no agreement has been reached between Google and the Competition Authority, Google continues its investments in Turkey. Immediately after these events took place, Samsung, one of the most important players in the smartphone market in our country, became involved.

Samsung’s Competition Authority and Google will not bring new models to Turkey if an agreement is not reached, it was claimed. This has also raised questions about whether Samsung is leaving the Turkish market. After the news came out, Samsung Turkey shared a statement.

Samsung Turkey announced that there has been no change in its plans with this statement and that it is continuing its work on new Galaxy products that will be released in 2020, but this is not the case. The reason for this is that the issue is not at Samsung’s initiative.

If Google and the Competition Authority do not agree, no Android smartphone that will be available in our country will be able to use Google services. In short, Samsung can at best launch its new smartphones in our country without Google services. However, this will adversely affect sales, so it may be a more logical solution not to be able to sell at all.

In fact, a similar situation has recently come up with Huawei. Unable to use Google services due to the U.S. embargo, Huawei did not offer the new flagships, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, in many countries, including Turkey.

This is mainly because consumers don’t want to buy smartphones that don’t have Google services. To put it briefly, this is not only the problem of Samsung, but also every foreign brand that sells Android smartphones in our country.

Yesterday, a new statement on the subject was shared by the Competition Authority. 

To summarize, the Competition Authority announced that the investigation found that Google has used its obligations to device manufacturers to impose barriers on the installation of the products of other competitors in the internet search service market on mobile devices and provide financial support to mobile device manufacturers provided that it is the only search service provider on mobile devices.

Google was fined administratively in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Competition (Law No. 4054) and the Competition Authority was given 6 months to end the practices deemed to be a violation under the Law and to ensure the necessary compliance, the Competition Authority,Google’s investigation applications in the European Union (EU) and the Russian Federation is the subject of similar investigations reminded.

Let us also remind that the EU Commission has concluded a breach of competition and fined Google 4.34 billion euros. Towards the end of the statement, the phrase “He asked him to take more comprehensive steps than the obligations demanded by our board, and this request has been fulfilled by Google as a result of this request.”

The last sentence of the shared statement underlines the need for Google to fully fulfil the obligations set out in the board’s decision, as google has done in other countries. To summarize the situation, the Competition Authority seems to have approached the situation with great caution and good will, in response to Google’s rest. If the two institutions do not reach an agreement, we will either not be able to see the Android smartphones coming out next year or we will see without Google apps with a special Rom installed. This is more interested in Android phone manufacturers, especially Samsung, than Google. Let’s see how hard Google is to build public opinion on these manufacturers.

If the new smartphone models do not go on sale in our country or go on sale without Google services, as an alternative to these phones will only be iPhone models and Android models that are available in our country until 2019. Either way, it is possible to say that Applewill strengthen in the Turkish market. We will continue to bring you the developments on the subject.

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