Dating app Waplog reaches 80 million registered users

We toldyou about 3 years ago that Waplog,a dating application developed in Ankara, has 30 million users worldwide. Waplog, who increased the number of registered users to 80 million after three years, also changed the design of the iOS app.

Waplog, which provides services on the web as well as Android and iOS mobile apps, has reached 5 million months of active users. According to shared information, waplog application is most popular among the countries of the UsA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia and it’s in Brazil.

Waplog, which serves a total of 23 different languages, renewed the design of the iOS app last July to provide a better service. The Waplog app, which has a more modern look with the renewed design, is now easier to use.

Waplog also features scrolling, allowing users to create more successful profile pages thanks to the new design. The most important feature that comes to Waplog with the design change is the story, i.e. the story feature.

With this feature, users will be able to share stories just like they do on Instagram. Waplog, which aims to enable users to interact more successfully thanks to the Stories feature, will also allow videos to be shared through stories.

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