Daisy Patterned Knitting Kirlent Construction

After examining the subject of knitting and knitting with daisy patterns, you can make knitting kirlents that look very nice.

12 trabzans in the magic ring with the first row of yellow threads, the popcorn model made with 4 trabzans on the top of each trabzan in the first row (white part) and 2 chains between them. But when I made popcorn, I took two stitches to the crochet and removed them five times. The leaves of the daisies were longer so they looked more realistic. .
I used the Dmc natura and Dmc yummy strings as rope. Of course, this rope brand is not necessary. A medium-thick cotton rope would be ideal. .

You can do the merge in 4 different directions. . You can sew the motifs one by one from behind. You can continue knitting by taking the other motif during the last time knitting the motifs and taking the stitches so that they come to each other. . As I showed in this picture, the joiningredient places are fluffy and clearly combined on the top, so after knitting the motifs one by one, sort the color and place the motifs on a flat surface. Then, with the first motif of the 1st row, take the first motif of the 2nd row. As can be seen on the lower left side of the picture, place the opposite sides of the motifs on top of each other, back to back. Take the rope you’re going to put together and start putting it together.

The stitches of the motifs must come to each other. Sink the crochet from the opposite places and complete it as if you were making frequent needles. Then, without breaking your rope, you’ll be in the second place of the 1st place. motif and 2nd place 2. Take the motif, put the opposite sides of the motif back-to-back and put those pieces together as I just wrote them. First of all, we combine the motifs from left to right. Of course, since I use my left hand, my example is a left-to-right merger. If you are using your right hand, it will be a join that goes from right to left. Then you do the top-down joins. I’ve already done it in the picture, as you can see. . If you don’t want the join locations to appear, you’re repeating the same process. Only this time, when combining the motifs, you put the flat sides on top of each other and do it together…
After the merge process is finished, the edges can be 1-2, sometimes even 3, you can knit a trabzan. It’s up to you. .
So how do I turn these knitted crops into pillows?
It goes like this: Where I get the fabric, it’s also planted, where they sew it with the trimmed zipper. I work 40-40 cm, usually as a measure. I use a type of min fabric. Then I put the fabric i knitted on top of the trimming and sew it from the bottom of my sewing machine.
I hope that’s understandable.

The model belongs to the instagram page.

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