Daily Fiber Model Making Annotated

Whether you want to use the daily fiber model in the kitchen or bathroom, the construction of the daily fiber model is here with an explanation and turkish video narration!

This model, which we can call a striped or square fiber model, is called a leaf. If you’re never going to get bored making this model, which is very easy and enjoyable to make. The fiber sample made using two different ropes is made with crochet. It starts with 50 or 60 chains drawn. Those who come here to learn the fiber samples and how to do them will have found what they are looking for with the narrative fiber video below.

At this time, flowering insect fibers are also made of simple fibers, although they are fashionable. Those who are new to knitting or who want to make fiber and finish it in a short time make simple fiber models. Because these fibers take very short time to make them.

Yaprak Lif Yapım Aşamaları

Those who make daily fiber can buy wool rope in their liking color and start immediately. However, when you take the fiber rope, make sure that one color is dark and the other color is a light color. Because this model is knitted with two different fiber ropes, dark and light.

Yaprak Lif Yapım Aşamaları

And i don’t forget to go through this year’s fashionable archive. There are examples in it that you won’t find on any other site, no matter how hard the fiber samples are, just ask for it. Because it’s easy to learn how to do it.

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