Crunchy Fiber Model Recipe

Making a colorful sample of the crunchy fiber model. You can find a narrated video here that will teach you to knit a bath pouch with a crochet pistachio model.

Make your own fiber that you will use in the bathroom. Moreover, this will be a more beautiful model than the fibers you will buy, and this fiber model that you can get by making crochet peanuts is called the crunchy fiber model. Ms. Sibel has shared with us in detail the making of this fiber.

How much do you like our shares? I hope the narrative videos work for you. We always spend a lot of time sharing new fibers. Especially when we are looking for new and beautiful looking models so that you can learn new models. Share comments about the fiber models we share with us.

Ms. Sibel’s fiber model description can be found in the video below. With this video you will be able to learn the colorful cinertic fiber model.

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