Cross Ties Women’s Vest and Baby Cardigan Blanket Knitting Model

A beautiful model cross-mounting model that you can use in baby braids and women’s vests. A slightly different version of the bird’s eye knitting model, this example can be knitted in a wide variety of knits.

Ms. Gonul shared on her channel the construction of the cross-linking knitting model used in women’s vests and baby blankets. So we thought we’d share it with you right away. You can also use the cross-link mesh model in a wide variety of weaves. It’s one of those easy knits made with skewers. We have shared with you this knitting model which you will not be able to describe anywhere else.

Çapraz Bağlar Örgü Modeli

When we look at knitted women’s vests, we usually see the same models everywhere. There are very few ladies who use different models and knit vests, and Ms. Gonul is one of them. He shows the narratives of the braids on his channel upon his requests. Cross-mounts mesh model on the model receiving the latest request. Those who know the stories of The Heartlady know. He describes knitting techniques with his very simple and understandable narrative. The narrative of this example is also shown in a simple and understandable manner.

If you have the idea of knitting a vest or baby blanket recently, you can try it after learning how to knit cross-links knitting.

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