Cross-Stitch Bracelet Making Narrated and Video

Making cross-stitch bracelets has become particularly popular with young girls lately. Easy to make and fast to give these wristbands a gift to someone is a great idea. If you want this bracelet, which you can make using an old watch, you can also do it in a different way just by using the cane rope. Because in general, what everyone does is take out the window of the old watch and process it on the inside.

You can choose tiny templates for making cane wristbands. In addition, the construction of this bracelet gives you experience in how it works. Small schematics are much easier to make than others. In addition to canechekey key chain models, necklaces are also very popular. Earrings and even rings can be decorated with both cross-stitch and motifs.

You can make these wristbands in two ways, also called etamine wristbands. The first is the wristband with a round or square spaced metal on the middle side with hand-knitted ropes on either side. Only a small process is prepared in the middle part of the construction of this cane wristband. a field-sized piece is cut and pasted from the processing cloth. The video depicting the construction of a bracelet shows how to make a bracelet of this type.

And then there are the wristbands, which are made entirely of cane rope. It’s similar to the making of cane necklaces, and instead of motif embroidery, you can make weaves out of ropes. These wristbands, which you will knit with thin crochet from the knitting motifs such as chains and frequent needles, will be extremely elegant and elegant.

Kaneviçe wristband making video

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