Crochet Yellow Color Women’s Jacket Model Making

Did you know you can make ladies’ jackets with knitting and crochet? Crochet women’s jacket making video narration as handcrafted hobbies on our site!

Would you like to make a ladies’ jacket that you can use anywhere in the form of a perforated knit? And it’s very easy to do. You’ll love it when you see the ladies’ jacket made with lacy braids. I wanted to share here the creation of a model that I saw while browsing YouTube channels and which I liked very much.

You can use the knitted ladies’ jacket on a daily basis. you can knit them with the colored ropes you want and wear them on the dress of your choice. Crochet women’s jacket is widely used. Summer can be worn in all seasons without saying winter cold cold hot.

Örgü Bayan Ceket Modeli

This jacket model is suitable for middle-aged ladies. This model, which will be a little heavy for our young girls, can be used by anyone over the age of 35. The jacket on the model is made using mustard wool rope. You can use any color you want. Different colors can be used depending on your clothes and color harmony. Personally, I love the mustard color.

Örgü Bayan Ceket Modeli

The main purpose of sharing this video is to arouse your mind. Although I call, I can not find turkish expression in the same model, so I share english expression. When you watch the video, you can watch the hand gestures and look at the technique of the knitting.



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