Crochet Towel Edge Lace Fan Model and Construction

For those looking for a towel edge with video narration, we share the creation of a fan lace. Those who want crochet towel edges, please.

We haven’t shared crochet towel edges for a long time. We were constantly getting requests to share. With this article, we wanted to respond to the requests. Fan samples shared how crochet towel edge lace is made.

You can use this lace made with oya rope and number 21 crochet on the edges of dowry towels, lace straps and dive sets. So it’s compatible with all the lace work you do. This towel, which is easy to make, is a plus to be made and finished in a short time.

I’ve shared to you in particular video how to make fan lace so you can find out. Even novices can knit this lace. What you need to do is watch the video below showing how to make lace.

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