Crochet Pink Color Baby Rabbit Booty Model

You can easily learn how to make rabbit booties with crochet knitted rabbit booties for babies and children.

rope : Nako diamond light and dark pink (pink) rope (Black) Black rope (small amount) (little)
Hook/crochet: 2.5 number knitting
It may be the booty rope you use on your own, but not too thin.
In the meantime, the booty will be suitable for 6-12 a2-day. Don’t think my kid’s older and i’m not right. . Maybe you make gifts, you grow the number of chains, you make up your kids, you make it a hobby.

↔20 chains.
↔1st. Turn 10 frequent needle stings .8 trabzan orun . We’re putting seven trabs in the same place on the last chain.
Then again 8 trabzan orun then 9 frequent needle stings orun . In the last chain, we fill three needles in the same place.3 chains and go up. ↔2. It’s 18 trabzan orun. Then we fill 7 in the previous order, so we’re doing two trabzans on top of every trabza where we’re auctioning, so we’re increasing it. We get a total of 14 trabzans.
↔Note: I’m trying to write so descriptively for friends who don’t know. Friends who know are already doing ? after the auction is over 17 trabzan orun . We’re sinking a couple into each of the last three frequent needles, and there’s going to be six trabzans in total. Then we make one trabzan at the bottom and combine it with cc. . ↔3. It’s 17 trabzan orun.
Then we repeat it 8 times in the form of 1 increase 1 or. Then 15 trabzans orun. Again, we repeat 4 times in 1 increment 1 or shape .2 more side-by-side trabzans, then combine with cc, pull 2 chains and go up. The base consists of a total of 69 trabzans. ✔We’ll do the scrolling (cc) along the base.

✔We attach the light pink rope from where we break our rope (this is where you don’t lose the important row) 2 We knit with a knock-off needle without making a reduction in the sequence.

3.) Next 18 lighter frequent needle orun . Repeat 9 times as I showed in the video afterwards (1 lighter needle cut 1 lighter frequent needle knit). Then thread 25 lighters, knit frequent needles and combine with cc .2 pull out the chain and climb on top.

4.) Queue 16 lighter frequent needle knit .1 knit trabzan . Repeat 7 times in the form of (cut with 1 trabzand 1 trabza) . Then knit 22 lighter stings and close the queue with cc .2 chains and climb to the top.

5.) Queue 15 lighter frequent needle knit .1 trabzan knit. Then cut with trabzan 7 times in a row. Finish the last row by knitting the whole row with cc and break your rope … By the way, when you’re doing cc, don’t pull it too often, it’s a palysich…

For the bow, start by pulling 3 chains into our magic ring.
Then pull 4 trabzan scallions and attach them to the bottom with cc.
Then pull 3 chains again .4 of the trabzan orpull .3 chains to the bottom and secure with .1 chain.
Pull the rope of the magic ring and close the middle.
Break your rope long and circle 9.10 times, tie the rope around the back with the rope from the magic ring and the bow is over … We knit 4 in the same way….

I’ve seen a lot of rabbit booties, but I’ve seen people with problems with their ears. There are two puff points in this ear that stand upright. Cc 2. The planting process in the middle … Well, that’s for me to be different.

✔First, after 20 chain shackles, we pull three more chains and start the 20th century. Make the chain trabzan and continue until the end of the queue … _Then go around the entire piece cc do not squeeze while making cc, do not contract .
Then break your rope.
✔Then fold it in half and sew it under the scroll like picture2, it will be like picture 3, ✔4 pieces of knitting and then sewing it on our shoes.

And the rabbit booty is complete!

The sample belongs to the instagram page.

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