Crochet Motif Dowry Towel Edge Lace Model Construction

For those who want to make dowry towels, crochet towel edge lace is made. We shared it for those who say how to make towel-edge lace.

What’s not going to happen with dowry towels? Of course it’s the edges. The side patches made with needle scheming or crochet make the towels look almost completely different. For those of you who know how to crochet, we now have a model to share, which you might prefer when preparing dowry towels.

Depending on the size of your towel, you can make this vote from the model and add it to the edge. You have to do the vote based on the size of the towel you have in your hand.

Çeyizlik Havlu Danteli

Those who want to make towels, needle point and crochet and towel votes and those who want to learn about the construction of towel votes should visit the category. There are easy and understandable towel boards. If you want to make towels and prepare for dowry bundles, you can benefit from the models in the towel edges category.

If you’re just starting to do handcrafted, you’re in the right place. Because there are hundreds of narrative vote models on our site. It’s also very easy to make these votes. Click here to see other votes.

We’re releasing a model you won’t find anywhere else. This model is made with crochet. Dowry towel edge construction is detailed in the video. When you have free time, you can watch the video below and learn how to make this towel edge.

The material uses lilac brand oya yarns, number 22 crochet and a large of the smallest serum ring.

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