Crochet Ladybug Towel Edge Construction

It’s a towel-edge ladybug model made with a very cute crochet. Your towels will look more elegant with ladybug lace.

We’re adding a very new model to the new crochet stalls. Ms. Derya is back with a great towel edge. Derya madam, who has become the center of attention of the ladies who are almost a distraction with their crochet-bale narratives, now comes up with a brand new model. Ladybug model for towel edge lace made with model crochet.

Shared for ladies who want to make a simple and very flashy towel edge, this model looks very cute. You can watch the video and learn how to make ladybug towel edges with a very nice description.

Ms. Derya, who owns the oya and lace world channel, is putting out her own special votes. Here are the crochet stalls you won’t find anywhere else. He’s video-streaming the narratives of these votes on his channel. We share videos on our site both to contribute to it and to deliver crochet votes to our visitors.

Uğur Böceği Oyası

As you can see in the picture above, the ladybug vote looks lovely. You can also use this oya model, which looks especially good on the edges of towels.


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