Crochet Knitting Maggot Wrap Example

We shared the example of a knitted maggot shawl for the ladies looking for 3D shawl construction. You can reach the model that we have gradually shared on our site.

Crochet can make beautiful knitted shawls.  and as with its models, this model also uses crochet. We have published on our site for you the creation of maggot wrap, which is an example that ladies who know how to crochet can do very comfortably. If you want to knit shawls, we recommend that you try this model.

alize glitter rope was used as rope. In addition, number 6 crochet was used. The shala starts at the extreme point. We start by pulling five chains. We close it where you start and get a nest. Further information is contained in the shared video. In the video you can reach the stages of crocheting and knitting maggot wrap.


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