Crochet Knitting Gospel Wrap Making

You can make a perfect shawl with crochet knitting pearl wrap. The video of the shawl construction that we share in narrated is also available on our site.

Thin angora ropes are used. If you want glitter or a rope to knit a scarf or vest, you can get it from the weirdos. you should buy pearls as 4 or 5 mm. Crochet must be number 6.

When starting the shawl model, you will start at the end because it will be a triangle. If you choose the color of the rope in a dark color while doing it, the appearance of the shave will also be nice, as the groin will look more prominent.

incili şallar

In the category of shawl models, we have shared the narrative of a few models before and so on. Simli rope was also used in the construction of this model. But you can choose a simish rope if you like. A lot of ladies liked the shawl model where you’ll learn how to do it with a 20-minute video. I hope you’ll like it.

incili şallar

After you have prepared the number 6 crochet and shawl rope, you can start the video below and start doing it after learning how to make a shawl. Make it easy for all of you.

incili şallar


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