Crochet Knitting Baby Shoes

Crochet knitting baby shoes have been added to our site in detail. You can learn and make this perfect path.

You can make knitted booties with crochet on your babies. With the cute booties you can make them stay warm. Now the ladies are turning to knitting so they don’t get bored sitting at home. For women who want to learn knitting, we share narrative models on our site. Narrated braids include baby paws. We have shared many baby shoes models and narratives in the category previously found on our site. Now we are back with a very stylish model. Let’s move on to how this perfect ping is made.

The model is an excerpt from the Instagram page.

12 cm base (double layer)
3 mm 5-stocking shas
2.5 or 3 mm crochet
medium-thick rope

1- We start by heel, we take stitches and fix them by passing the bottom of the double trabza. (picture-1)
2- We make frequent needles by taking a noose from the bottom of each double trabza respectively and complete the sequence and cut the rope (picture-2 and 3 )
3- We detect the 5 nooses in the middle from the front of our cotton… Starting from the left, we take 5 name stitches by passing our wet frequently through the needle to the back of our skewer… (picture-4)
4- We knit the loops we buy bottles into the harosha… (picture-5)
5- We knitted the harosha, at the end of the queue, we take 2 more stitches from the squeezing needle, we turn to our skewer (the number to 7 nooses) and we weave the back as harosha and at the end we take 2 stitches from the dense skewer… (picture -6)
we had a total of 9 nooses and 1. we have completed the order… I mean, it’s not like 1 on the nose. We’ve finished the line…
2nd row__ we continue as harosha, at the end we add 2 node bottles, turn around and weave the back and add 2 more stitches again…
3rd and 4th. we complete the sequence in the same way… 5th row__ (we count our order as a front-to-front harosha female)
We got four names of harosha teeth, 5. we start the queue (picture 6)
5th row 1 orb 1 cut (2 nooses at a time) 15 ör 1 cut 1 knit, our line is finished and 2 more stitches take the bottle, knit the back as harosha, take 2 more nodes at the end
6.row__ 3 examples 1 cut 13 or 1 cut 3 knits, again take 2 more nodes, turn and complete the back as harosha
— i.e., it’s not the At the end of each row, we increase two stitches…

We continue with the heel part for knitting baby shoes.

Yes ladies….if you’ve knitted the noses, it’s time for the heel…?
If you label me on your paws, i’ll see it too? Will you share the successful ones?
(If your page is locked, it won’t reach me, I wanted you to know..)
for the heel, as we do on the nose; We take stitches from the dense needle at the base and wear a bottle directly without knitting… at the beginning and at the end we take 3 stitches from the inside by the nose… (picture-1)
My base is 12 cm and my stitches are 37 names, this number may be less or more, it doesn’t matter… (picture_2)
1st row__ 3 e.g. turn 3… Start knitting again… 25 ex, go back 13, go back, knit until the end… Turn 3 knitters in the back 3 knits… Complete the back as a harasho…
2nd row__ bottle 6 stitches add (increase)
6 ducks, 6…
re-knit 6 ör 1 cut to the end of the row… (picture-3)
Repeat my job in front when starting at the back, knit until the end of the queue…
3rd row__ 6 e.g. turn 6…
re-knit 6 ör 1 cut to the end of the row… Repeat the same process when starting from the back…
4th row__ Complete 6 ör 1 cut rows… Repeat the same process at the back…
5th row__ 4. Repeat the order…
6th and 7th. sort of queue without any action, e.g. haraso
8th row_ 6 nodes will remain at the edges, the inner part is 2 hundred 1 inverted. (picture-4)
Cut 6 nooses from the sides (half the length of the tyre) at the point where you say the length of the conch is sufficient (picture-4)
When the tire is completed, I’m doing folded cutting (I couldn’t find a way to describe it?but you-tube also have video narration)
But you can also cut normally and sew them by folding… (picture-5)
When you wear fish eyes and pass your laces, the booty is ready..!! (picture-6)
Don’t let the tosbiks get cold!!

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