Crochet Chickpea Sampling Narrated Video

Crochet chickpeas is easy to make, one of the most beautiful motifs in appearance. you can use this motif on nde, nde, women’s vest models or knitted scarf models.

These motifs, which you can make in one color or color, actually look square. It is named chickpeas because it is lumpy. This knitting model can also be knitted with skewers, but then it becomes multi-perforated, and the gaps appear empty. This sample of chickpeas is one of the most useful models for making a shawl. In our previous writings,we have shared with you variouselements. If you look at them, you can see that we’ve used similar models before.

The issue of how to make a popcorn sample and how to make a chickpea sample are a little confused. The example of popcorn is a model that is much more top ball than this, and is knitted with thicker rope. This model is more square. As you can see in the narrated video below, this model is also called broken chickpeas.

you can choose a crochet number based on the thickness of the rope. We have prepared a video of the model made with a little thick rope and a little thick crochet. When you finish the chain in the knitting model that you can start by pulling a chain, continue by sinking it to the other end of the chain without crocheting and pulling a chain. You can see more of how to make the chickpea model in the video.

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