Crochet Butterfly Triangle Wrap Making

Today’s narrative model is the construction of a crochet butterfly triangular shawl. We share the construction of the butterfly shawl, which has a very beautiful appearance for the shawls.

2.5 no crochet and Angora rope were used for the construction of butterfly wrap. Crochet shawl shalming is easier to make, so it is the choice of ladies who like knitting. If you say you want to make a shawl that’s easy to make and a beautiful shawl, i say look at the butterfly shawl model.

Thanks to Nadire, she let us share the butterfly shawl. We would like to thank him both for allowing him and for sharing with us the construction of such a beautiful stake.

Tığ işi kelebekli şal

This shawl, made with the logic of crokodil knitting in butterfly weaves with different varieties, is quite beautiful for both dowry and daily use. In this shawl, which we started from the bottom end, we initially pulled 6 chains and made 3l ü trabzans into the first one. We need three legs for the butterfly, we’re going to use both sides of it for the wing. And when we make the wings, we need to see nine poles on one side. We go down with three chains on the first wing and finish the wing, but we’re in the second grade. We’re going to finish on the wing with 9.yu trabzand and move on to the other butterfly. We make the increments from the tip of the wings and between the castles in between. We’re knitting it to the size we want.

Crochet Butterfly Triangular Wrap Construction

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