Crochet Blindchained Women’s Vest Knitting Model

Turkish video narration of the crochet chain edvest you can knit yourself, your daughter and your daughter-in-law in very simple and gentle engagement bundles.

Crochet construction is easier than skewers. Crochet ladies can make themselves, their daughters or daughter-in-law from a chainvest model. For those who want to make the vest model made by pulling the chain, the Turkish video narration we share will suffice.

Number 2 crochet and angora rope were used for the construction of chain vest model, which is also found in our archive. You can make it out of this vest if you want it to look easy and polite.

Zincirli Yelek Modeli

Model Sevda belongs to the lady. Here are the comments after Sevda madam shared the video of making a vest;

The model used in the vest sample is in the video below. Start the video to find out what you don’t know about the vest.

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