Cowboy-Looking Tunisian Job Scarf Model

We all know that every lady who has become the indispensable model of knitting and knitting has a knitting with a tunu work sample.

You’re going to love the cowboy-looking Tunisian job scarf model. With a soft texture, you won’t want to take your scarf off your neck.

You knit your knitting with baby rope, you can provide the softness we mentioned above. You can throw your scarf around your neck or shoulders.

Tunisian work scarf model, marbling ropes are very well suited. You can be sure that your colorful scarf will attract a lot of attention. Once you have learned the Tunisian business model, you can easily use it on your vests and cardigans.

After watching our video below, you will agree that the model is very simple and very easy to knit. Make it easy for all of you.

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