Corona virus outbreak could delay iPhone models to come out in 2020

Apple, whichshared financial quarter results in the last days of Last January, announced that it expects revenue of between $63 billion and $67 billion in the second financial quarter of the year. Apple also statedthat the $4 billion range of the estimate is kept wider than normal, and shared that this is due to the outbreak in China.

The Corona virus, which began in China, could also cause delays in Apple products, which are expected to occur in 2020. As it is known, most of Apple’s products are produced in China with suppliers such as Foxconn and Pegatron.

The fact that the virus epidemic is becoming more and more severe is affecting factories in China. Foxconn had previously announced that it would begin production on February 10, as of today. But Foxconn has yet to reach a clear decision on whether production will begin, according to reuters reports.

Ming-Chi Kuo,an analyst renowned for his accurate predictions about Apple, announced in a report for investors today that iPhone production could be delayed due to the Corona virus.

Yesterday, according to a report shared by the Nikkei, a health expert examining Foxconn’s factories decided there was “a high risk for Corona virus infection.” This seems to delay the start of production of factories.

According to shared information, the high risk of the work of the factories for corona virus infection can cause factories to not continue production. This could result in both iPhone models and other Apple models expected to appear later than expected in 2020.

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