Content producers abroad explained: How much does YouTube pay for 100,000, 1 million and 150 million views?

YouTube’s Partner Program, one of the most important sources of revenue for influencers, enables content producers to generate revenue through ads placed in videos. Google’s ads place and pay for videos, which take into account many factors in the process of video viewing, video length, and viewer demographics.

In the meantime, the youTube content producers with 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watches on the channel are included in the Partner Program. Well-known YouTube content producers follow different strategies to increase their revenues. While some content producers prefer Midroll ads, many influencers avoid using copyrighted music in their videos and slang to avoid being flagged by YouTube for not generating revenue.

In recent years, we have told you how much revenue content producers on YouTube have generated with videos and brand agreements. And now we share with you how much you’ve earned content producers that have received 100,000, 1 million and 150 million views.

Natalie Barbu, who launched her YouTube channel in high school eight years ago, started out as a hobby. After leaving school, barbu made videos about fashion and beauty at home, and soon began to earn income from this work.

Barbu, which currently has 257,000 subscribers, is streaming her daily experiences to subscribers in videos she shares weekly. Barbu, who has more than 20 videos with 100,000 views, said they generated between $500 and $1,000. The revenue generated by the videos varies depending on the number of ads added to the video. Barbu only made $100 in revenue for adding only one ad to a video he shot a few years ago with 100,000 views.

In the meantime, Barbu claims that advertisers pay more for business informative videos than vlogs. Likewise, payments may vary depending on CPM rates, seasonal periods and advertising budgets.

The figures shared by the content producers support Natalie Barbu’s story. For example, the video, which reaches every 1 million views, does not generate the same amount of revenue. Figures shared by four Influencers producing content in different fields show that a video with 1 million views brings in between $2,000 and $40,000.

Marina Magilko, which has 1.7 million subscribers, earned $10,000 from its 1 million watched video, while Kevin David with 844,000 subscribers managed to earn $40,000. Austen Alexander, who has 165,000 subscribers, earned $6,000, while Shelby Church, which has 1.4 million abobs on its channel, earned between $2,000 and $5,000 from her 1 million watched videos.

Paul Kousky, who made videos about game pistols, has 10.9 million subscribers on the PDK films channel. The most revenue-generating video on Kousky’s channel so far is Nerf War: Tank Battle. The video, which went viral worldwide, received 150 million images, generating $97,000 in revenue through AdSense.

Kousky said that when he first uploaded the video, 50 percent of the video was viewed by the United States. With the video going viral, the US audience dropped to 5 per cent, while the CPM rate dropped. Kousky said that if the majority of viewers continued to be US, they would have generated more revenue.


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