Constitutional Court rules that access to Wikipedia is a violation of freedom of expression

Wikipedia,which is one of the most important sources of information on the Internet, is unfortunately unavailable in our country since 2017. We toldyou last May that Wikipedia had complained about Turkey to europe’s leading Court of Human Rights.

The Wikimedia Foundation,which applied to the ECHR, said the barrier on the site violated its right to freedom of expression. Today, a very important news came about the subject. The General Assembly of the Constitutional Court, which discussed the application today, ruled that blocking access to the entire site was a violation of freedom of expression.

Let’s add that the infringement decision was taken by a vote of 6-10 members. As a reminder, Wikipedia was denied access by the Information Technology and Communications Authority (BTK) on April 29, 2017. The Constitutional Court, which ruled by a majority that the ban violates freedom of expression, asked the magistrate to lift the ban, which ruled that the access barrier was blocked.

Following the sharing of the Supreme Court’s decision, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Walestweeted ,“Welcome back, Turkey!”accompanied by a photo taken in Istanbul. We will continue to provide you with the developments related to Wikipedia.

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