Constitutional Court decision on Wikipedia, published in the Official Gazette

We have shared with you in recent weeks the news that the Constitutional Court has ruled that the access barrier to Wikipediais a violation of freedom of expression. Now the Constitutional Court’s decision on Wikipedia was published in the Official Gazette.

Wikipedia, perhaps one of the most important sources of the Internet, has been closed in our country since 2017. However, wikipedia’s access barrier is expected to be removed after the decision is published in the Official Gazette. Nevertheless, no exact date or time has been given.

The decision, published in the Official Gazette, contains the following statements:

Let us also mention that the Constitutional Court has decided to forward the reasoned decision to the Ministry of Justice and the Information Technology and Communication Authority (BTK). With the decision being communicated to BTK, Wikipedia, which we have not been able to access naturally for a long time, will be reopened. We’re looking forward to it.

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