Conspicuous collaboration in targeted advertising from Total stations and Spotify

Total stations have undertaken an in-car targeted ad that allows the brand’s ad spots to reach car drivers via Spotify. Thanks to this work, Total stations not only targeted automotive-related users, but also gained access to drivers that they knew were in the car at the time.

Total stations, as part of this special study with Spotify, total ads, the vehicle at the time, the approximately 1 million car drivers listening to music from Spotify reached. Moreover, thanks to this work, Total has informed the drivers that it knows are in the car of their offers and opportunities. In previous ad models, it was not known whether the driver was in the vehicle at the time, but thanks to this ad model, the drivers could be reached while they were inside the vehicle.

At this point, Let’s note that Spotify has more than 2 billion playlists and 217 million monthly active users. Although the music industry and music listening tools have changed, people still have a habit of listening to music in their cars.

Many users prefer Spotify, a music platform that offers a personalized listening experience on the road and in traffic. According to research, 87 per cent of drivers listen to music in the car, while 55 per cent prefer Spotify as a music listening platform.

In the last five years, the number of users using online broadcasting at least once in their car has increased from 26 per cent to 44 per cent. Add that 34 percent of Spotify users use the app in their cars.

It is worth noting that Spotify users spend an average of more than 2 hours an hour a day in Turkey, which is one of the countries that use Spotify the most. this preferred advertising model may also attract new brands to Spotify in the future.

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