Competition Authority opens investigation into Biletix

The Competition Authority has opened an investigation into Biletix and the Turkish Association of Travel Agencies. In a statement about Biletix, Biletix Ticket Distribution Printing and Trading Inc.’s purchaseof tickets sold by adding extra costs to the prices of exorbitant amounts such as service fee, transaction fee, cargo price, and with the organizers the competition board of the preliminary investigation carried out to determine whether it violated The Law No. 4054 with the exclusive agreements signed by the Competition Board.

In addition to the above explanation, the findings of the Competition Board, which negotiated the information, documents and determinations obtained in the preliminary investigation at the meeting on 20.06.2019, found the findings serious and sufficient and determined whether the Law No. 4054 had been violated. Biletix Ticket Distribution Printing and Trading Inc. was also informed that it decided to open an investigation with the number 19-22/341-M.

We have shared with you the information that Mobilet, one of the ticket sales platforms, has also closed in recent months. We can also say that the lack of alternatives to ticket sales was effective in opening an investigation into Biletix.

In addition to Biletix, the Competition Authority has opened an investigation into TURSAB. According to the announcement on the institution’s website, the Association of Travel Agencies of Turkey violated competition with its practices and decisions regarding the distribution of pilgrimage quotas and the determination of guarantees of the agencies organizing the hajj preliminary investigation into the claim was decided by the Competition Authority.

TURSAB has previously sued, Airbnb, Agoda and Expedia.

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