Color Balls Knitting Model

The model of knitting colored balls that can be used during the construction of baby blankets. You will love the knitted blanket made with colored balls.

Those who do not want too much color can pass through a single color in white. The first row of knitting begins with white. After knitting straight, you have to take the edge noose and double-wrappe the next noose.  Then we knit two stitches upside down. Double knit and then knit one noose upside down. Then move on to knitting with a colored rope.

Renkli Toplar Modeli

For those who want to make baby blankets, colored balls can look at this example made with a knitting model. The colored balls that go through the white ropes look good on the blanket. If you’re going to knit blankets for both boys and girls, you can start knitting right away with this model.

Renkli Toplar Örgü

The model of colored balls belongs to the sheriff. The sheriff told the sheriff about this knitting used to make a baby blanket with a little video. We look forward to your beautiful comments.


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