Coffee Bean Knit Baby Cardigan

Making baby cardigans with a coffee bean knitting model. If you are looking for a knitted cardigan for baby girls, check out the recipe for the model made with a coffee bean sample.


81 stitches start from the collar. 4 tooth seismans are knitted in order. 7 stitches are knitted to the harosha for the front pat. 7 stitches straight mesh, 1 doll, 2 stitches straight, 1 doll. 1O node straight, 1 dole, 2 straight, 1 dole, 1 inverted, 25 stitches are made of coffee beans, 1 node is knitted inverted.

Example of coffee beans; The last of the three nooses in our left sieve is left over the other two nooses. 1 node is knitted straight 1 node is made by engaving instead of 1 noose 1 node straight knitting is knitted again. In between, 1 node is knitted inreverse. The other example is passed.

Arm and body separations on the other side are also made. As the queue ends, 7 nodes open a marrow to the front. The next marrow opens 5 units in 10 harosha sequences. In this way, the increases in the arm are knitted until there are 20 pieces. The arm stitches are separated. 14 cm straight knitting is knitted. 3 examples of coffee beans are made at the end of the arm. the noose is cut and the arm is finished. The other arm is knitted in the same way.

Body stitches are combined. In the posterior sample section, 1 node is increased from both sides of the coffee bean samples. with the first example, the last example is not increased by the outward-facing sides. These increases are continued until the inverted stitches are 13 stitches, one in 2 examples. When there are 25 examples of coffee beans from the collar to the end of the skirt, 4 teeth are knitted into the harosha and all stitches are cut and finished.

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Kahve Çekirdeği Örgü Bebek Hırkası

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