Cloudflare, Google Chrome and Firefox start supporting HTTP/3

Today’s internet giants have taken an important step to bring the next internet protocol to users. Cloudflare, Google Chrome and Firefoxannounced that theywill start providing HTTP/3 support, according to information shared today.

Cloudflare, which aims to provide a better internet experience with increased security and performance, announced today that it will start providing HTTP/3 support with a statement. Sharing that the new protocol will make the Internet faster and safer for everyone, Cloudflare has also collaborated to bring the HTTP/3 protocol to a wider audience.

Cloudflare, which collaborates with Google Chrome and Firefox, the world’s most widely used internet browsers, aims to bring the internet of the future to a wider audience. Modern web sites, APIs, apps and internet browsers are built on the HTTP protocol.

Let’s also mention that older versions of the HTTP protocol have many problems. The HTTP/3 protocol was designed for modern internet and has been de-issued. The HTTP/3 protocol will speed up the use of the network, especially for mobile devices, but also make it safer.

Cloudflare CEO and co-founder Matthew Princeunderlined that building a better internet using next-generation protocols is part of their mission, and previously the benefits of HTTP/3 are only available only to Facebook and Google internet giants also shared that it is limited to.

Adding that they are democratizing internet technologies and next-generation protocols, Prince added that they offer HTTP/3 to everyone for free. Finally, the benefits http/3 offers include key features such as encryption by default, improved performance, and support for network ingress.

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