Close friends feature comes to Facebook after Instagram

Instagram Stories’ Close Friends feature, which opened to all users last year, could soon be available on Facebook. A new feature called Favorites, which is being tested on Facebook, allows users to add specific people to their Close Friends list.

Thanks to this feature, users can only share their Facebook Stories with their Close Friends via Messenger. In the same way, users can also send camera-based posts via Messenger to close friends listed.

This new feature, discovered by Jane Manchun Wong, known for discovering hidden features in apps, has been hidden in the code of the Facebook Android app until now. Screenshots shared by Wong show how posts are shared via Messenger and how the Close Friends list is created.

Let’s add that you can edit up to 10 people who you add to your Close Friends list and evaluate suggestions made by the algorithm. For now, although the feature is limited to messaging, it is likely that facebook stories will become a tool for sharing with a certain audience in the future.

A Facebook official confirmed the feature, saying the feature was a prototype developed by the Messenger team. He described Favorites as a shortcut to sharing with certain people. It is possible to say that Fcaebook, along with this new specialty, is focused on close friends and privacy, as stated at the F8 conference this year.

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