Cleaning Between Darkening Tiles

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The secret to obtaining clean-looking tile floors lies in completely cleaning the darkening tile swings. Although the tiles used on bathroom and kitchen floors and walls look good, the fact that the tiles are dirty in a short time distorts this beautiful appearance of them and contaminated tiles are among the housewives’ biggest problems. Although tiles are highly resistant to dirt and blackouts, they absorb dirt easily and darken quickly because the tiles are porous. For this reason, it is difficult to keep the tiles clean. If you know how to clean the darkening tile swings correctly, you will be able to solve this problem in a practical way, with the most widely used cleaning materials. In this article, you will find the most practical ways to clean the blackening tiles in all parts of your home.

First, remove the dirt from the surface by cleaning your tile floor with hot water. Then spray the diluted vinegar, half of which is half water and half vinegar, between the tiles, which you can easily prepare yourself in a sprayed bottle at home. Wait for about five minutes and brush with a soft brush. You can use a toothbrush to be more practical than a large cleaning brush. When you’ve finished completely cleaning, rinse the floor with hot water. This method for cleaning between undercontaminated tiles will be a very effective practical cleaning method.

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You can use cooking soda to remove stubborn stains from tile snares. Mix one scale of water with two scales of cooking soda and apply it between the darkening tiles. If you wait one night, you can get a more effective result. After holding the mixture on the surface, brush it with a plastic brush until you see the kills completely out and rinse it completely with hot water after the process is complete.

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If you have more stubborn stains between tiles, you can try using the cooking soda with vinegar, not water. First, apply the powdered sode between the tiles. Then spray the vinegar you put in the spray bottle on to the soda. If you wait a little, you’ll see that the chemical reaction starts and bubbles form. After cleaning the tiles with a plastic brush, rinse them with water and remove the vinegar and sodes. You shouldn’t wait too long for this mixture. Because it’s acidic, it can cause abrasions.

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If you have a surface that is too dirty and very challenging to remove using these methods, I would like to share with you a life-changing method that will get you out of this trouble. Spray the hydrogen peroxide you put in the spray bottle between the darkening tiles. Brush well with a brush and repeat it a few times. If you are still not boxed from stains as a result of brushing, prepare a paste by mixing two scale cooking sodas with a scale of hydrogen peroxide and apply it between the tiles. After waiting a while, brush again and rinse between the tiles with warm water when you see the stains completely cleaned. With this method, you can get rid of the difficult stains between the tiles without damaging the tile floor.

No matter how method you clean the tile breaks, you can clean your tile breaks once a week with diluted vinegar that you put in the spray bottle to prevent the formation of difficult impurities again after cleaning. This will always keep your tiles clean and every corner of your home will always have a clean appearance.  You’ll also be spared the intense and challenging efforts you’ve put in, saving time each time cleaning up the tough ones.

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