claim: Google may stop supporting Android devices in Turkey

The Turkish Competition Authority fined Google for “causing unfair competition”, and the company allegedly sent a letter to its business partners, device manufacturers and GSM operators selling devices in Turkey. Google announced in the letter that as of December 12, devices with Android operating systems have revoked their Android operating system license.

Similarly, new versions of Google’s apps, which allegedly announced that android phones will not be licensed as of December 12th, will not be available. In the meantime, google search, Google Play, YouTube, Gmail and other Google apps sold in Turkey will not be available on Android phones, let’s say.

Let’s remember that the Competition Authority imposed an administrative fine of 93 million pounds on the company in 2018. The competition authority ruled on November 7th that Google’s applications in the field of mobile operating system, applications and services and the company’s contracts with the mobile device manufacturer violated the Competition Act.

If the decision is not withdrawn, Google will allegedly exit the Turkish market. However, Google has not yet made an official statement on this issue. we contacted Google to verify the allegations and get detailed information on the matter. We’ll update the story as new information arrives.


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