Chinese electric car maker Byton awaits app developers

Chinese electric car maker Bytonhas begun work to use its 48-inch wide digital display more efficiently in the new electric SUV model M-Byte. The new programme, announced at CES, aims to encourage app developers to develop apps for this massive display.

The in-car digital display is intended to be used to benefit users and create a platform for both users and app developers. App developers will be able to make screens more interactive by developing an app for this new electric vehicle.

The Chinese electric car maker wants to create an application ecosystem by opening its platform to app developers. In short, he wants to apply the work that smartphones do with platforms like the AppStore and Google Play Store for the car.

Jeff Chung,Byton’s director of digital engineering, said that they offer a unique display with M-Byte SUV models and want to present the in-car experience in a way that no one has ever seen before.

Byton has already worked with companies such as Access, AccuWeather, Aiqudo, CloudCar, Road.Travel and Xperi. In short, we will see many different applications in the vehicle, weather or navigation applications will be very popular. Byton, however, wants to see entertainment, health and e-commerce practices on its platform, not just to be limited to this area. Byton, which wants to improve its ecosystem with its developer program, has also released UX domings for developers.

If app developers are interested, streaming services, news or e-commerce applications, or many conceivable applications are adaptable to Byton’s tool. You can watch the electric vehicle’s prototype test driving videos below.

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