Changing channel verification criteria, YouTube retrieves badges for some channels

YouTube,the world’s largest video platform, has announced new verification criteria for channels. Accordingly, not only new Youtube channels, but also old Youtube channels will be checked. This means that verification badges owned by some YouTube channels can be retrieved.

Channels with more than 100,000 subscribers before the new criteria received a mostly positive response after their applications for a verification badge. Youtube, however, announced in a statement that the number of users the channels have will no longer be decisive, but will be used for a number of new factors to determine whether the channel belongs to the person or artist it represents. The new criteria are two separate categories.

Originality: Does the channel belong to the real creator, artist, public person or company that he claims to represent? For example, if you’re in Someone with a channel of videos like ” the most hit songs of2016” will not receive a verification badge.

Priority: Does the channel represent a well-known or well-wanted creator, artist, community, or company? Is it widely recognized outside Of YouTube and has a strong online existence? A popular channel with a name very similar to many other channels?

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said she apologized to video creators and users for the frustration and boredom caused by the new approach to verification. Because the company also retrieved the badges of some channels that meet the criteria. Wojcicki, however, said they missed the mark while trying to make improvements and would soon make more updates.

Youtube has set out that the verification badges of existing accounts that do not meet the requirements will be removed. If you do not need to apply for this verification method. Youtube automatically checks channels to identify those eligible for a verification badge. Let us also remind you that the deadline for the right of appeal of the channels that have been badged is October 17th. The design of the verification badge will also change in January 2020.

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