Cardboard Rocket Construction

How to make a cardboard rocket? We shared cardboard rocket-making for kids who were curious. At home, you can make rockets by browsing easy narratives.

Kids are everything and it’s a joy to make them happy, to make their faces smile a little bit. If you enjoy seeing a smile on your children’s faces and doing fun activities about them, the rocket ship design we mentioned in our article is the number one “do-it-yourself” project for you.

With a few pieces of cardboard and a paper towel roll, you can make them a very nice rocket. This cardboard rocket construction, which your kids can easily do even on their own, can be an activity where they can improve their hand skills. You can leave them a selection of colors to decorate their rockets and make them do glue and glue. So they can build their own rocket ships freely.

Come on, take your child and get to work!


White cardboard tube (or paper towel roll)

Foam brush


Colorful co-work papers

Tape, glue, scissors

Kartondan Roket Yapımı 3

Cut small stars out of handcrafted papers.

Mix the different colored glitter with glue in a bowl and rub it on the roll with the help of a foam brush and leave to dry.

Kartondan Roket Yapımı 4

Paste the star-shaped sheets you cut on the rolls that you have ordered with the help of glue.

Kartondan Roket Yapımı 5

After making triangular funnels with pieces you cut from handcrafted papers and combining the edges with glue, attach them to the tops of the rolls with the help of glue again.

Kartondan Roket Yapımı 6

Roll another handcrafted paper and crumpled it into the back gap of the roll, leaving some of it out. Leave the rest of the outside a little wrinkled.

Kartondan Roket Yapımı 8

Kartondan Roket Yapımı 9

Kartondan Roket Yapımı 1

Kartondan Roket Yapımı 2

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