Butterfly Knit Baby Vest Model

Making a model of baby vests with butterfly knitting model. We include the construction of butterfly knitting model that our friend Leyla Gün has shared with us. We shared a video with detailed information about the construction of this knitting model, which is very suitable for baby vests.

The model of butterfly knitted baby vest shared by Lady Leyla has been shared with thousands of likes. The ladies who liked the model very much reported how it was done by writing comments. Thanks to our friend, he shared a video of how it was done. We, as, share both the video and pictures of the knitting model with his permission. Please don’t take the video and pictures and add them to your site without specifying the source.

Butterfly skewer knitting model is a skewer knitting technique. And our friend who did it started knitting this knitting to knit a vest for his grandson. When it’s finished in a short time, hopefully we’ll share it in full form from here.

We asked him to give us some information about the construction of the knitting. Thanks to him, he didn’t break us, he talked a little bit about the model’s construction. And since it’s already in the video, there’s no need to explain it too much.

The information our friend Leyla gave us about the vest;

The two fronts of our vest start with 45 backs and 95 stitches. After we knit seven rows of harosha, we start putting in the butterfly. We knit until there are six white lines. Then we create our butterfly, like in the video. The butterfly consists of 7 nodes. 2 stitches between butterflies. When we join the butterfly, we knit three nodes and make the middle of the butterfly in the middle.

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