Buffer now lets you plan Instagram Stories

Buffer recently added a new one to its planning tools, allowing its users to plan Instagram Stories. Users who have previously been able to plan Their Instagram posts via Buffer can now plan Story content through Buffer.

Let’s add that users can easily plan Story posts over the web or mobile. Under the new feature, users can also benefit from the ability to upload images and video content in bulk.

Let’s also say that Buffer users can edit the order of content they upload for the Story format on the principle of drag and drop. Users can also use features such as adding notes with copy paste for text usage.

With this new feature added by the platform, Buffer users who can preview the Story before sharing it can take advantage of the reminders the company also offers in their Instagram posts.

In the meantime, the feature is only available to users with Publish Premium and Business plans. Users with the Awesome plan, who contributed to the discovery of Buffer products, are disappointed that they have not been able to access the feature.

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