Buddy Burgundy Knit Women’s Vest Model

In this article we shared the construction stages of the model bud-auger knitting model that looks very cute.

We’re here with a new model for knitted women’s vests. There are many models knitted with skewer work on women’s vests. The bud auger knitting model is one of them. The bud auger knitting model uses a weave and 3 straight 3-pucker models. The women’s vest, which is knitted by combining two knitting techniques, looks very nice. Other narratives can be found on the page.

The vest model uses a burgundy knitting model. In between, 3 straight 3-pucker model was completed. 14 nodes were made for the augers. The intermediate model is 13 stitches. You can make 3 models if you like. The model in between is made in the form of 1 inverted 1 inverted 1 cut 1 inverted form. In the knitting auger, after sinking into a lower row of the first noose, we thread it and repeat it 3 times. We collect the stitches at once and we weave the bud spouts back into the last noose, 12 of the remaining 13 nooses are augers. You can adjust the length between the augers as much as you want.

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