Bridal Vest Construction with Water Drop Knitting Model

Today we will tell you about the construction of a bridal vest made with a skewer of water droplet mesh. You can watch the video of the vest suitable for dowry bridal vests here.

There are more ladies making bridal vests these days. I think there’s going to be a lot of weddings next summer. People who want to knit vests for our daughters who get married are already getting up their sleeves.  Our followers loved this model of Ms. Sevda. Let’s look at the bridal vest made with the construction of a water drop weave model and how much interest will come.

you can find dozens of bridal vests in the category. We shared the easier and more attractive vests made with crochet and skewers. We will continue our narratives with vest models that can be made by women who are also experienced by those who start knitting from scratch. Below are the details about the bridal vest knitting made with the water drop letour knitting model. Of course, the following information is fixed information. You have to watch the video to fully learn about the knitting.

Number 3 skewer skewer skewer skewer and angora used rope close to powder. 38 is described for a size 40. It consists of 86 stitches with a fronts tire. The back is made up of 130 stitches. it’s up to you to reduce and duplicate the number of stitches. It’s better if you measure it according to your own body. 1 sample consists of 5 stitches. In the video, 3 examples are described. We start the sample from the back surface.

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